I am considering Fraxel for wrinkles, brown spots and fine lines. Is there anything more effective.

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Treatment for Wrinkles, Brown Spots and Fine Lines

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A laser treatment can improve your appearance, but may not be the best treatments for each of your concerns.

Wrinkles are formed as a normal aging process. Our facial aging is due to changes in several types of tissue including skin, fat, muscle and bone. As we age we lose elasticity in the skin making our skin more likely to wrinkle or sag, we also lose fat and bone in the cheeks causing noticeable changes in our appearance. Depending on the severity of the wrinkles Botox or Fillers or both may be best.

Brown spots are sun damage; they are the physical damage of sun exposure. Treatment varies depending on the type of brown spots. There are different lasers and products that can be very beneficial to improving the appearance and correcting the damage.

It is best to consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist to see what treatment(s) are best to improve your specific concerns.

Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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Best treatment for your skin type

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Fraxel is a great treatment option for wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines but it depends on your skin type and evaluation by a dermatologist. It is best to consult with a dermatologist first so they can evaluate your skin and obtain other very important information to see what laser best suits your skin type.

Joshua L. Fox, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel is the ideal treatment for brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles

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Fraxel is a fabulous laser and is the ideal laser to treat all of your concerns. There are two wavelengths for the Fraxel laser - the 1927 for pigmentation and the 1550 for wrinkles.  You can get one treatment at a time or a combination of both wavelengths simultaneously.  If your lines are deeper you may need some Botox or Restylane in combination with the Fraxel treatment. Fraxel is a great laser and you should be very happy with the results.  Please find a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with the Fraxel laser for the best results.

Fraxel for brown spots, wrinles and fine lines

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Without seeing a photo, knowing your age and skin type, and what the cause of the brown spots is, its impossible to give you a clear answer. The Fraxel Dual, is combination with the q-switched alex laser, can be very effective for brown spots. IPL is an option as well. For wrinkles, Botox could be the best solution.

William Groff, DO
San Diego Dermatologist
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