Would the Restore 4 Treatment Laser Be Enough to Tighten my Skin and Pores or Should I Get the Re:pair?

I am 49 I lost over 100 lbs and my face is not sagging enough for a mini facelift but is wrinkled and have large pores. Would the restore 4 treatment laser be enough to tighten my skin and pores or should I get the re:pair? My skin is sun damaged, i've had a consultation and they recommended the restore, I think only because the re:pair is not available in the Pittsburgh, Pa area yet. I have a second opinion this week. I just hate to waste money if I will not see my pores almost disappear and my wrinkles diminish alot especially under the eye area. Help!

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There is no laser or treatment that will work on pores so don't waste money on that

There are several things to be aware of here in answer to your question. First of all, there is no laser or treatment to get rid of pores. If you are spending your money in hopes of getting that, keep it.

Secondly, the re:store is a pretty minimally impressive laser. We have one and after the re:pair came out it hasn't been used. Sad, but true. This is the story of the laser industry. They overhype lasers and then reality hits. Those who own the re:store are still paying off their leases in many instances and are quite happy to sell you on treatments, but don't look for those treatments to work on much.

As for the re:pair, it does help, but mainly on pigmentation and minor wrinkles and minor sagging, not the type that you describe. It may be that you need a facelift or more aggressive procedure. It also may be that you need fillers to make up for the loss of tissue and fat you have undergone with your weight loss, which is to be commended.

I would definitely look for a second opinion in your area. It may be that you find a surgeon who can address your problems and tell you truthful answers for simple questions such as: can I change the size of my pores. Good luck.

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Fraxel After Losing 100 Pounds

Hi 28 forever,

Congratulations on your weight loss! What an accomplishment.

In patients who have lost a lot of weight as you have, there is also a loss of volume in the face (as you likely are well aware). Tightening of the skin and pores requires more than a series of re:store treatments can accomplish.

Even Fraxel re;pair may require either multiple treatments, or a combination of treatments including radiofrequency tightening with Accent XL or some other modality. You may benefit from additional filler to your face after Fraxel re:pair (hyaluronic acids such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse, or Sculptra (currently off label for cosmetic use), or even fat transfer).

For pores alone, there have been some promising studies using low dose Botox injections with intradermal injections around the pores.

Choose your treating physician carefully as it is not the commodity of the treatment, but the eye, the hand, and the heart of your doctor that will help you achieve your facial cosmtic goals.

Lastly, 28 forever, there is the "Benajamin Button" laser rejuvenation treatment, but then you wouldn't be 28 forever.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. p

Michael A. Persky, MD
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No treatment that can guarantee pore removal

Should you elect to do 4-5 Fraxel Restore treatments, your skin texture and tone, as well as your brown spots will improve, and therefore, your pores will secondarily look smaller and better. Your skin laxity will improve some with Fraxel Restore, but will improve more with Fraxel repair. Although you you will have to think about down time with the Fraxel Repair. You pores will generally look better with the Resore or Repair but the pores wll not be gone.

My recommendation is for you to do one Fraxel Resore first and see how much better your skin gets and then you can decide to continue withe Restore or swith to the Repair. If the elasticity is more important to you then do a Thermage first followed by Fraxel Restore.

Nissan Pilest, MD
Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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