Can I Have Fraxel Followed by an Erbium Treatment a Few Weeks Later?

Would 1 Fraxel treatment followed by 1 Erbium treatment 3-4 weeks later be a good idea? I am 52yo with acne scars and wrinkles, mostly fine. Type of Fraxel wasn't specified but I assume it would be the re:store. Would appreciate doctors' opinions.

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Fraxel and erbium for acne scars

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I don't see any reason you should not have erbium several weeks after fraxel. For the treatment of acne scars, I frequently combine both Fraxel restore treatment with ablative, superficial erbium laser immediately after in the same treatment session. This approach gives about 5-7 days of downtime as the skin heals from the erbium ablation.

The advantage of the combination is that you get the deep collagen remodeling and growth from the fraxel and the superficial erbium can be used to ablate the edges of scars and improve the surface of the skin especially when the scars have a "punched out" appearance much like larger "ice pick" scars.

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