Fraxel Dual to Address Hyperpigmentation Caused by Pearl Lite?

I had a Perl lite done in 12/11. I used hydroquinone for 1 mo prior. In 4/12 I noticed light hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. The Perl Lite was done bc previous Fraxel procedures did not address ice pick scars. Although I am very happy that my ice pick scars have diminished significantly, I am not happy with this new development of hyperpigmentation. My doc is recommending another Fraxel Dual procedure. I have lt olive skin and never had side effects w/Fraxel before. Should I have the Fraxel?

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Laser treatment of hyperpigmentation

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If your hyperpigmentation appeared as a response to previous laser treatment it is known as postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).  PIH generally responds to medical treatment with bleaching agents and peels.  I recommend additional laser treatment only as a last resort as laser treatment can stimulate more hyperpigmentaion, thus creating a self perpetuating situation.  These situations can be complex.  I would make certain you are under the care of an extrememly experienced physician who has a great deal of experience specifically dealing with these issues.  There is no single best way to address your problem but you must make certain that your doctor has both the knowledge, experience, and equipment to offer you the best possible options.

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