Is Fraxel Dual 1550 More Painful (Hence Longer Healing Time) Than 1927?

Hi, I had FRAXEL DUAL 1927 about 6 weeks ago. It was my melasma and it improved it by about 40%. I was told I would probably require 2-3 treatments. I am considering to do a second one. I am getting married in August and would like to have a good skin but I am confused whether to do the combination of 1927 and 1550 at the same time because I have some acne scarring that I would love to get rid of. Does 1550 hurt more? I am under impression it goes deeper. Does it mean longer healing? Thank u.

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Fraxel 1550 vs. 1027nm. Dual laser for pigment and acne scarring

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Yes the Fraxel 1550nm. goes deeper, and is more uncomfortable than the 1927nm. but interestingly, it takes longer for the superficial 1927nm to heal, in that there is a brown flaking with the 1927 that occurs as the pigment is being removed and this takes about six to seven days.  The Fraxel 1550nm. Restore, can treat acne scars with deeper energy but the skin is sealed and doesn't have the superficial peeling that the 1927 does, so makeup can be applied soon after the 1550.  There is however, some more redness and swelling that can occur with the 1550, especially if the treatment is deep. The acne scars won't disappear, but they can significantly improve after many treatments and many months, so you shouldn't expect to have a wonderful result in diminishing the acne scars before your wedding with only a couple of treatments (you wouldn't want to do a treatment too close to the wedding, just in case you have an unusual reactions).

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What is Greater, the Pain of Fraxel 1550, 1927, or Marriage?

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Hi Matusik,

The added pain of 1550 to your 1927 Fraxel laser treatment is nothing compared to the pain of marriage (just kidding my lovely wife).  If you wish to look your best on your wedding day, bite the bullet and let your treating physician treat you to a true Dual treatment.  Neither laser should be painful with proper numbing gel and proper attitude. Good luck and be well...and congrats.

Dr. P

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Fraxel Dual vs. 1927nm only

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Greetings Matusik and congratulations!

If your primary concern was pigment, you would be fine to stay with the 1927nm portion of Fraxel.  Since you are interested in addressing some of the acne scarring, the deeper penetrating 1550nm is a great option for that.  The discomfort that the 1550nm adds is minimal and definitely not worth using as part of the decision making criteria.  Depending on the depth of treatment (super aggressive vs. mildly aggressive or somewhere in between) you may be adding a few days to your recovery and with an aggressive treatment the pinkness may persist a bit longer as well.  If you get your treatment soon, you should have no problem looking great for your wedding day.

Good luck!  And once again, congratulations!

Dr. Grant Stevens    


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