Can I Do Fraxel Co2 Laser For Dark Circles After Face Lift Heals?

I had a facelift and necklift 3 weeks ago. I didnt have my forehead or eyebrows lifted. I did have the eyes upper and lower done. ,can I have the fraxel laser done on areas I didnt have facelift and can I ever do fraxel laser on the areas I did have lifted surgically. If I have fraxel laser done to forehead area and up bove lip will it look natural with my facelift. I have really bad dark circles and have for many years. Doctor who did my surgery told me laser would help with dark circles

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Laser for dark circles under eyes

This (fractionated CO2 laser) is certainly an option to reduce the darkness at your lower lids. Another consideration (depending on how your lower lids look, whether you have a 'tear trough' deformity, etc) is to consider fat grafting at the infraorbital rims. Early work is showing that fat grafting is either transferring or activating stem cells in the transferred area, and long term photographs have documented progressive improvement in the overlying skin. While this is still preliminary, and further investigation is ongoing, it definitely shows promise for this type of issue, particularly if we are wanting to increase volume in this area anyway.

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Laser for dark circles under eyes

Dark circles under eyes can be a difficult problem to treat. It may be due to pigment or due to too many blood vessels. I treat the blood vessels with a vascular laser and the pigment with either a resurfacing laser or pigment laser. If a standard lower blepharoplasty (skin or skin/muscle) was done I would wait a few weeks before doing a laser treatment. If a tranconjuntival or skin pinch blepharoplasty was done the wait is not necessary. A fractional carbon dioxide or fullfield or fractional erbium laser would be effective.

Jason Pozner, MD
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