Fraxel CO2 for Facial Pigmented Areas and Broken Capillaries

I am 55 years old and am considering Fraxel CO2. I have pigmentation areas, moderate to fine wrinkles and broken capillaries from rosecea. My question: Will this procedure work for both the pigmented areas and the broken capillaries?

I also have some loose skin under the eyes and look tired. My opthalmologist wants me to wait before having a bleparoplasty till my ocular rosecea gets under better control. I have time scheduled off work in June and would like the idea of one treatment. Will this help with the loose skin under my eyes as well? Thanks.

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A combination of lasers in one session will work best

Using just the fraxel repair alone will not give you the best results. I would recommend using the Fraxel repair to tighten the eyelid skin, and improve all-around texture and wrinkles. I would use a separate laser to address the pigment (q-switched alex), and the vbeam perfecta to address your rosacea and capillaries. These can all be used in the same treatment session. I have posted some before and after photos of some of my patients on Realself so you can see some examples. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best, Dr. Groff

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Fraxel repair for Facial Pigment, Broken Capillaries, Wrinkles, and Eye Lid Lax Skin

Hi Susansid,

Fraxel repair (fractionated CO2) laser is an excellent procedure for the treatment of lax skin around the eyelids, wrinkles, and pigment. It will help with superficial capillaries, but deeper vessels may need a V-beam or q-switched laser treatment concurrently.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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