Can Fraxel cause already light scars to lighten further or hypopigment?

Hi, I just completed my second session of fraxel restore on 4 surgical scars on my legs. However, the scars, especially one in particular, seem to have become lighter and perhaps more noticeable. Also, the area around the treatment remained red for almost 4 weeks and the redness is just now starting to go away after the 5th week. Can scars hypopigment or lighten at first? Will this go away with repeated fraxel treatment if I continue with 2 more sessions?

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Yes..... any laser work including fraxel laser work has the potential to cause color changes...either hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Whether you get a lightening or a darkening of scar tissue is often an intrinsic characteristic of you own skins make up. However the way the individual lasers are applied the power, and duration curves will also effect the color of the scar. In other words you need to have an experienced laser tech do the work and start conservatively to see how your skin is reacting

Scar treatment and Fraxel Laser

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It is possible that the Fraxel can make your scars lighter or more red depending on your skin type.  You didn't say what your skin type is or post a photo.  I would post a photo first for more input on your question.  Redness from lasers is more typical.  Hypopigmentation can be from the nature of the laser used and your skin type.  For the best results consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with Fraxel laser treatments.

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