Fraxel and HA Fillers. Would the Fillers Be Just As Effective Wth Fraxel?

I am considering Fraxel treatment to address my scar issues. But I am also interested in getting fillers in the under eye area. Would the procedure of a fraxel treatment disrupt, infect or minimize the effectiveness of the restalyne or juvaderm? How long should I wait before getting fraxel treatment? Would it be best to get the fraxel treatment and after recovery proceed with fillers? Thank you kindly.

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Most Effective Order of Fraxel Laser Rejuvenation and Facial Fillers

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Hi Male in California,


Ideally it is best to have Fraxel laser treatment first followed by facial fillers after your skin has healed.  We have treated many patients with Fraxel laser who already had filler in place.  We have not heard from these patients that they felt their filler "had melted" or disappeared faster than expected.  With Ulthera treatments we have heard that patients felt that the treatment caused their fillers to go away quicker than expected.  Choose your treating physician most carefully.  Good luck and be well.


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Fraxel and Fillers

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Expert opinions will vary concerning timing of fillers and resurfacing lasers. I usually recommend getting the "largest" procedure first (ie the fraxel), and then doing the fillers. However, if you are doing Fraxel for acne scarring - which will be a series of treatments - and you are doing the filler for under your eyes, it really shouldn't matter as they are separate treatment areas.


In theory, the inflammation created from the Fraxel laser could metabolize the filler material if done on the same day, so I do tell patients that it is best to wait (when the filler and the laser are treating the same areas of the face).

Fraxel and Fillers a great combinatuon

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Generally, my recommendation is to finish the Fraxel series and then proceed with filler treatments.  If you are only filling uunder the eyes, you can do the treatment prior to or during Fraxel series because filler, when placed properly in this area is too deep to be affected by the laser treatment. If you are having any filler for scars or wrinkles which should be placed more superficially, wait until after Fraxel. 

Jacqueline Calkin, MD
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