Is It Okay to Do Fraxel Tx. 4mths. After an Erbium Laser?

I had an erbium laser done 4mths. ago and I can honestly say it didn't do too much for my acne scars. It was suggested to me to do profractional tx. (they think that it's better then fraxel) I'm really disapointed with my erbium....and should of had the Co2 instead) Why is it suggested to wait 6mths. to do another laser tx.? e.g. Co2 or erbium?

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Fraxel after Erbium

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It takes 6 months to see the final result from any laser treatment for acne scars. However, it should not be assumed that one laser is better than another in treating acne scars. The results are more related to the laser experience of your physician and/or the actual treatment parameters used. Both of the lasers that you mentioned are good for acne scars.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel is just fractional erbium resurfacing

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Fraxel is just a fractional erbium resurfacing.  Depending upon the level of treatment, repeat treatments may be appropriate or not.  Acne scarring will often require multiple treatments to obtain optimal results with any type of resurfacing, whether CO2 or erbium.

Mark P. Solomon, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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