How Long Until I Can have Fraxel After CO2 Resurface with Matrix Dot Therapy?

I had the CO2 Resurface 10/3 and still having very many issues. The tech that did it offered to do another Resurface this week for 500. I have my entire face covered in splotches that are getting worse with time. I went to a Licensed Dermatoligist he has recommended Fraxel test sites for the engraved lines which Im starting to think is permanent scarring. Is it too soon for Fraxel? is that safe? will test sites heal uneven on my face making it look worse?

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Scarring after laser resurfacing

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If you are still having problems with you skin 3 months after CO2 resurfacing something is most likely not going well with the healing process.  The primary concerns are scarring and infection but reaction to topically applied agents must be considered as well.  I would seek an opinion from a physician who is extremely experienced in dealing with complications of laser skin resurfacing.  Whether your treatment is with a Fraxel brand device or a Dot Matrix device does not matter nearly as much as the experience, skill, and judgment of the person operating the device.  You may need vascular laser therapy and/or medical therapy at this time rather than more resurfacing;  without more information it is impossible to give an opinion as to what your next treatment should be.  Your next move should be to do your homework and find a physician who is a skin resurfacing expert.

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Possible scarring after C02

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Fraxel is an excellent choice for treating scars.    Make sure your dermatologist is board certified. Best to you.


Jacqueline Calkin, MD
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