Fraxel 1550 Versus Starlux1540 For Scarring and Nasal Labial?

Two places for consultations. The first recommended Fraxel 1550. The second recommended Palomar Icon system with 1540 fractional handpiece. What strengths and weakness are between the two equipments? The second place said Palomar 1540 can go deeper than Fraxel 1550. Is it a good thing? The doctors in both seem to have good reputation, but the procedures may be done by their nurses or fellows. I am eastern asian, tan not burn, ice pick and rolling scars on cheeks. Some double nasolabial fold. Thx

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Fraxel is an excellent treatment for acne scars

I much prefer the Fraxel 1550 for acne scars but what is really concerning me is that the doctor is not doing the actual procedure.  If your skin color is eastern asian than I would be very concerned that you may require pre-treatment before the procedure.  Please make sure you are going to a board certified dermatologist and that the doctor is performing the procedure for you.

New York Dermatologist
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Fraxel Re:Store would be my choice for treating acne scars

Both lasers are similar and both can penetrate about the same distance into the skin and both have puplished reports of effective treatment for acne scars. However the Fraxel laser has much more in-depth studies of clinical use, biopsy reports and standardized treatment protocols - making it easier to duplicate the published results. However I do agree that one of the most important factors is who is actually doing the procedure, what is their experience level and depth of understanding of this treatment process.In addition the post treatment skin care regimen is critical. Products such as retinoids and growth factors can tremendously augment the results.

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
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I have both the Palomar 1540 laser and the Fraxel Restore 1550 laser. Both work well.

The Fraxel Restore Laser is much faster and lays down a more concentrated and uniform laser application.  For small areas, the two lasers give very similar results.  It is more dependent on the skill of the doctor who is using the laser.  Both lasers are very good if applied correctly for a given indication.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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