Is Fraxal Dual Really the Best Laser for Dark-ish Scarring and Pitting?

I have scarring that is not very dark and some pitting that looks sort of like indentations. I have had Fraxal Dual suggested to me, but I'm confused now; from the official descriptions in their pamphlets it doesn't seem like the laser that really targets those particular problems - though of course I might be misinterpreting words like "texture" and "resurface" as referring to smoothness issues and not deeper dents. Can you explain in total layman's terms what the Fraxal Dual excels at, please?

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The Fraxel Dual is the perfect laser for a 40 year old patient with sun damage, uneven pigment and fine wrinkles.

The Fraxel dual may not the best way to treat pigmented and pitted scars on dark skin.  Some improvement can be obtained with multiple treatments using the 1550 wavelength and superficial improvement in the pigment may improve with the 1927 wavelength (both wavelengths are available in the Fraxel Dual)  

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Fraxel Laser

There are many good lasers for acne pitting and scars. The Fraxel is one of many that are effective.  See a Board Certified Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your treatment and  develop a plan.  The skill of the practitioner is the most important link in the chain.  There  are very few “poor” quality lasers used, but I see many complications from “the best” lasers just because they were not used properly.

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Fraxel Dual For Scarring and Pitting

Pitting is usually formed from scar tissue. So basically the scars and pitting are made of thickly configured collagen tissue. These fibers are arranged differently from the normal collagen in your skin. Fraxel Dual uses two types of wavelengths, 1550 and 1927. The 1550 wavelength is able to penetrate into deep layers of your skin. The laser energy turns into heat energy. Your skin will treat this as an injury and try to heal itself by actually synthesizing normal collagen. And this process helps to override the scar tissue, making it less apparent. Here is a video of a patient who had Fraxel Dual used on her acne scars. 

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The Fraxel dual laser can help some brown spots and acne scars.

The Fraxel dual combines 2 different laser wavelengths to help blend scars and make them less noticable. It is unlikely that they will be completely gone but the scars should be significantly improved after several treatments at 1550 (Fraxel restore) setting. The 1927 dual wavelength is great at cleaning up some types of pigmentation as well. It sounds like a great choice in your case.

Elizabeth Piantanida, MD
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