Is Frax Repair Safe if I Have Had 1000 Rads of Radiation to my Face?

Radiation to my face for acne in 1965. I was told that I should not do CO2 lasers because I would not heal. However, I believe that the fraxal repair laser may be different.

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Fraxel Repair Laser would likely be safe with moderate settings.

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Radiation damages structures in the skin including sebaceous glands and hair follicles that assist in the healing after laser resurfacing.  Fraxel Repair Laser only treats a "fraction" of the skin leaving untreated spots in between the treated spots of skin.  The untreated spots also assist in the healing process after laser treatment.  I would expect the treatment to heal OK as long as the treatment is not too aggressive.   See a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in consultation who has lots of experience using the Fraxel Repair Laser before undergoing treatment.  

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