I Had Fractional Laser Resurfacing Two Weeks Ago to Minimize my Smile Lines and Lip Lines. No Results? (photo)

I have absolutely no results. I have been using Elta Lite per my plastic surgeons recommendation. Should I be seeing some results? I know I'm fully healed, slight redness and very minimal drying.

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Multiple treatments needed

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Fractional laser is just as the name sounds "fractional" means its only treating a fraction (anywhere from 11-30%) of the skin surface in a single treatment, that is why the fractional laser is done in a series of treatments spaced 4-6weeks apart depending on depth of treatment.  I tell most pt's to not expect improvment until the 3-4th treatment, collegen can be stimulated for up to 6 months after each treatment.  This laser is not for those looking for a "quick" fix, and if you were healed in 2 weeks it doesnt sound like you had that deep of a laser, deeper wrinkle lines around the mouth take a much more aggressive treatment.

Hope this helps!

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