I had Botox in my forehead a year ago and have a large lump on my forehead. What should I do?

When the procedure was being done the girl told me she has popped a vein but that it would go away in a few weeks. The lump has hardened and is quite big and raised. It has a hole in the centre which is purple on the inside almost looks like it's bruised. It's been mentioned a few times and I need to get it fixed. Do I go to a doctor or to a skin specialist and what would the procedure to fix it involve?

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Bump one year out from Botox

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to give you advice without seeing a photo or examining you in person. However, it is uncommon to have bump 1 year after the Botox. This sound like it could possibly be a cyst or hemangioma. I recommend having a consultation with an expert to discuss your concerns and to determine the best treatment plan for you. Best of Luck!

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

Bump one year out from Botox

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Please post a photo of the area since it would be unusual to have a bump one year out from Botox. Perhaps it is a cyst or hemangioma.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

Retention cyst after hematoma in the forehead

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Thank you for your question.

This may be a hematoma that partially resolved and has left a retained cyst (seroma).

See a plastic surgeon for evaluation, aspiration, drainage. 

Dr. Karamanoukian

See a plastic surgeon

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You should see a plastic surgeon for an evaluation.
It could be residual blood that has congealed, or a fatty tumor that can be helped.
Best wishes.

Bump on the forehead

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You mention that the "girl" told you. What girl and why would you have a "girl" inject you? It is amazing that you had this experience likely in a spa or a salon with no doctor in site or a qualified doctor and you are still wondering if you should see a doctor. Also, without a picture, its impossible for anyone to provide you relevant response specific to your concern.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

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