Is there a way I can get a more feminine face structure? More refined? (Photo)

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More feminine face

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If you could take a frontal picture from strait on, one directly from the side, and one at 45 degrees that would really help any of us make an accurate assessment.  To create a more heart shaped and feminine facial shape you could add volume to the middle of your face and taper the bottom of your face.  First, you could have implants or fat injections added to your cheeks (a small amount of volume to the outermost cheek, but most of the volume in the front right under your eyes).  Mandible (jawbone) contouring would thin and refine your lower face.  I don't know if it's just the photo, but your upper lip looks uneven.  This could also be improved with a lip lift.  More photos would help, but a face to face exam would be the best next step.  Good luck. 

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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Facial feminization

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It is hard to answer this question well without several views of your face. It is very likely that a mandible contouirng procedure will benefit you to refine the shape of your face. You have beautiful cheekbones and cheeks, beautiful eyes so all of that plays to your advantage. Hope this helps!

Vartan Mardirossian, MD
Jupiter Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facial feminization

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This is a loaded question for a plastic surgeon! It becomes very complicated to discuss beauty and feminine facial features in a broad sense. That being said. The feminine face is more "heart" shaped as compared to the more "squared egg" shape face of a man. 

You have beautiful lips. For you we would want the focus on your eyes and then to those luscious lips!  So that would be my focus. 

There are many ways to obtain this. The most effective in my hands is fat transfer. This allows us to sculpt and taper the temples into the eyes into the cheeks. We can raise the lateral brow which gives a soft and open appearance to the eyes. This can be combined with buccal fat pad removal which will narrow the lower 1/3rd of the face while widening and sculpting the upper 2/3rds. 

Best of luck,


Benjamin Caughlin, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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