What's the recovery time from lower face/neck lift with fat injections to lower area, until there's no signs of surgery at all?

I have found a surgeon I am comfortable. I have a job that keeps me traveling a lot and have few breaks in my schedule. I want NO ONE to be aware of any of these procedures at all. I know what my doctor and his nurses say regarding this, but I have found that doctors may shorten recovery time a bit. How long should I allow to have this done without anyone being the wiser. I feel like I can cover neck bruising, but am more concerned with incisions and the fat injection healing. thx!

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Facelift recovery

recovery of a facelift  depend on type of surgery done.

some are more aggressive than other.

we can say it usually takes 2-4 weeks for major signs of surgeries disappear.

we need to remember. the softer the lift used, the less it last.

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What's the recovery time from lower face/neck lift with fat injections to lower area, until there's no signs of surgery at all?

Hi, this is a reasonable question to ask in your situation.  There are, as you can imagine, multiple factors that contribute to each patient's healing time but eliminating the obvious blood thinners and post surgery physical activity, let's concentrate on the procedures that you have described.

  • There are many versions of facelifts and neck lifts, some of which take over 6 hours to perform and require months to recover.  The more invasive the face and neck lift, the longer the recovery time.  Most of my patients opt for a short incision , minimally invasive facelift with neck skin excision that has a recovery time measured in days.  Patients fly back home within North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East in as little as 3 days after the facelift.  The procedure takes only 90 minutes.
  • Fat injections can take weeks or even months to settle down because the fat injected is a higher volume (due to unknown nature of what amount will ultimately stay) versus cheek implants or an off the shelf HA filler (I prefer using Perlane to shape the cheeks, chin and jaw line).  For these reasons, I do not use or recommend fat transfer to the face.  I simply feel that a proven filler or facial implant gives a "known" result with a fraction of the recovery time...despite the craze over fat injections at the moment.
Hope this helps.

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Recovery Time Lower Facelift/ Neck Lift with Fat Injections

Thank you for your question.

The lower facelift procedure I have pioneered means this technique enables to minimise bruising and reduce down time. Recovery in patients vary depending on their healing, but we expect that you can get back to your activities of daily living within a few days to a week.  Neck Lift with fat injections however can take two weeks.  Please seek advised by your plastic surgeon on their healing protocol

All the Best

Healing After Surgery

Trust your surgeon.  Every patient heals different, but following your surgeon's post-operative instructions will expedite your healing, in most cases.  In general, many patients return to social activities within 10 to 14 days.  Best wishes!

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Healing Time after Facelift

Trust your doctor since healing time is different depending on the procedure done and the technique. Most surgeons will not exaggerate much as they want you to not be significantly upset after surgery. I have had patients back to social activities with no one the wiser in about 10 days and others have taken longer.

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