What is the best method of skin tightening above the knee and the thigh?

What is the best method of tightening skin above the knee and the thigh? How soon after liposuction can you have skin tightening done?

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Skin TIghtening Above The Knee

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The best way to tighten sagging skin of the thigh and above the knee is by "bulk heating" of the skin with a non-invasive radiofrequency device. Heat is applied to the skin and maintained in a narrow temperature range (42-44 C) until all the collagen in the dermis reaches a point of heat saturation (about 10 minutes).  This small but continuous elevation in skin temperature denatures the heat-sensitive collagen in the dermis, which results in inflammation, new collagen formation, and repair. Treatment in this temperature range is both safe and comfortable to the patient. The result is visible tightening of the skin. Currently, there are a number of non-invasive radiofrequency devices on the market. I have considerable personal experience with Forma and Forma-Plus by InMode. In my experience it is the best and most effective product of its type on the market.  Treatment time is about 20-30 minutes. A series of 6 weekly treatments is effective for most all patients.  I hope this helps. Best.

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