I have two-fold under eye bags after Voluma treatment. What's the best way to fix it?

I had Voluma placed in my cheekbone area (bilaterally) and also a bit towards above "apples of cheeks" to plump out the flatness... I have been noticing I now have two-fold under-eye bags developing. It was performed by my board-certified dermatologist. It is now 20th day post-op. I'm unable to disguise with makeup and am wondering what the best measure will be to fix this? (Huge public appearance on thanksgiving weekend!) Please advise or can offer any suggestions?

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Too much Voluma near eye

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I sugget that you return to your dermatologist for removal of the product with Vitrase.  It would be the best solution to too much filler in the wrong place.  Best, Dr. Green

Eye bags after Voluma

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Thank you for sending your photos. I would suggest you return to your dermatologist and have them place some hyaluronidase under your eyes and dissolve some of the Voluma. This can be done very easily in the office and the results can be seen in a couple of days. You should be set to go by Thanksgiving. 

Dear Eyebags

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Since Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler, hyaluronidase will be able to reduce some of the excessive puffiness of your eyelids.  Please return to your dermatologist to reevaluate and treat your situation.

Anthony Benedetto, DO
Philadelphia Dermatologist

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