What can be done to my nose to not look so crooked looking and have a hook? Facial fillers and Permalip? (Photo)

I don't want to go drastic with my nose because I do want the lip implants. I just want my nose to be more straight. Not pudgy.

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Improving the shape of nose

It is possible improve the contour of your nose using dermal fillers and slightly elevate the tip by weakening supporting muscles with Botox injections.  I prefer HA filers in this area such as Juvederm Ultra Plus.  It is critical to go to an injection expert who s board certified and experienced treating noses.  The results are often remarkable and can make the tip appear "lifted" by altering the way light and shadow reflects on the nasal bridge. A trained injection specialist would be able to determine if it is warranted in your case.

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Liquid rhinoplasty

Thank you for your pictures! The key with a liquid rhinoplasty is to go slow and conservatively.  It is very easy to address the nasal tip and dorsum in this way.  Juvederm ultra as well as restylane work great in the nose giving you around 9 months of correction.  I suggest you see someone in consultation who feels comfortable with liquid rhinoplasties.  The results can be dramatic and thrilling for both you and your doc.  Best of luck! Hope some of this helps.

Miguel Mascaro, MD
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