I had fat transfer back in 2007 my right butt check, never healed properly, it was always bigger and it had hard lumps.

went back a year later he drained the fluid and said it was nothing and it should be ok, but where he drained it got softer and there was a big difference in shape and size,right one bigger &more lumpy looking so i went back in 2009 and he added more fat to it which really only made a difference whilst it was still bruised! now i cant take it no more there is such a big difference in appearance ive gained weight as ive had a baby,i was thinking can having laser lipo on it help reduce the size

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Infecction after a BBL

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Thanks you for yours question.
The first thing you have to is ultrasound or MRI for check if you have any soft tissue infections still,I recomende to you to do liposucction  to put both butt similar and not put anymore  fat.
Dr Roberto Guerrero

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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