How much will textured implants drop? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post op now. I have Natrelle 410MF textured anatomical 420cc submuscular. I was borderline needing a lift prior to surgery but didn't want the scar and was ok with my nipple not sitting so high up on the breast. However, i was not told and did not know it would have this droopiness to it. At last visit I was told they would change shape and appear to come out more and the droopy boob at the bottom would be filled in. Will compression band help & if so, how tight should it be worn?

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Implant Drop

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Typically at 3 weeks you could expect a smooth implant to drop fuller and fill out that lower pole however Textured implants are designed not to move. I recommend that you discuss expectations with your Plastic Surgeon. You may still note subtle changes as swelling completely resolves.

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How much will textured implants drop.

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The Allergan 410 implants are aggressively textured in order to hold their position and orientation in the breast. We use them to provide a hidden and tapered upper edge and impart stable shape into the breast and maintain a proper point of projection behind the nipple. They ordinarily do not move and flow in the breast as they are quite cohesive and sticky. A cohesive textured implant might not "drop".

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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How much will textured implants drop?

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     The surface texturing on an implant acts like Velcro and helps to maintain the implant in the position in which it was placed during surgery.  As a result, the textured implant is unlikely to drop or change position.  A compression band is unlikely to make much difference.

John Zavell, MD, FACS
Toledo Plastic Surgeon
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How Much Will They Drop?

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Thank you very much for your question.

If the textured implants drop, they don't drop too significantly.  Much of what you are seeing is probably swelling, as you're still only 3 weeks out.  I recommend waiting at least 3 months before critically looking at the breast and making any decisions regarding revision surgery (getting a lift).  In the mean time, follow closely with your doctor and follow their recommendations.  They may advise wearing a bandeau to help push the implants down.

Daniel Krochmal, MD
Chicago General Surgeon

High riding implants

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Sometimes a plastic surgeon may recommend a bandeau to help with high riding implants but you are still early post operative and it will take time to see how things settle. Maintaining close follow up is important. Best of luck, MM

Do shaped implants drop?

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As you may come to find out there is some debate about this topic.  There are surgeons who believe that because they are textured they will not drop as much as smooth implants and remain in place.  My experience with shaped implants has not supported this claim although perhaps an argument can be made that the dropping is not as dramatic.  Although the textured aspect of shaped implants goes a long way in preventing them from rotating (incidence of rotation approximates 1%), gravity and the gradual stretching of your tissues DOES allow these implants to drop just as smooth and textured round implants drop.  The process does take 3-6 months so it is far too early to assess your results in terms of shape, nipple position, size, and symmetry.  During this early postoperative period, your surgeon may advise you different massage techniques or band therapy to facilitate the process.  If they do not end up changing enough to your liking, a revision (such as a lift) could be discussed.  Good luck!

Charles Galanis, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Textured Anatomically Shaped Implants

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Thank you for the pictures. Textured implants do not really drop. If placed correctly they stay in the pocket. You are going to need a revision and most probably a breast lift.I personally discuss this with the patients in advance and we plan on a breast lift. If during the surgery the implants do the job I bypass the lift. But as in your case if that is not discussed and planed you end up with your situation. The good news its fixable with a breast lift. 

Good luck!

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