Staph aureus at 11 weeks PO breast lift and implant exchange. (photo)

I am currently taking sulfa for staph aureus. I have yellow pus from left breast and starting to ooze from the right. Today is my first day on the meds. What are the chances this infection is deeper than the surface. I have no fever and since I have been on the meds the itchiness has subsided. How can I tell if this is deeper infection with implant?

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Breasts augmentation infection

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Dear J,    Thanks for submitting your picture. From observing your picture, you appear to have had breasts augmentation with lollipop lift.  There is mild redness around the areola. If indeed you have infection, it is presently superficial and at most, if you had permanent purse string suture, it might be infected. When that happens and the infection does not respond to the antibiotics, the permanent sutures has to be removed.   In any event,  the infection does not appear to involve the implants cavity, which if it would have occurred,  it would have presented with diffuse redness, swelling , pain , fever, chills and malaise. I would hope that your antibiotic treatment is based on culture and sensitivity that was obtained from the secretion, because Sulfa drug for staph is quite unusual.    Keep close follow up with your surgeon,                                                            All the best                                                                                  Dr Widder

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