Using fillers to reshape jawline for a more angular jawline and chin? Is this possible? (photos)

I want to strengthen my jawline for a more masculine effect. Focusing in the back jawbone closer to my ear and lengthen my chin, possibly extend it slightly. Is this possible with fillers?

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Fillers for recontouring the chin and jawline

soft tissue fillers can be used with a great deal of success to recontour the jawline and chin.  They're rules a great deal of judgment required in order to achieve best outcomes.  Some of the judgment relates to understanding how to improve the aesthetics of these areas and the other area is avoiding some major blood vessels and important anatomic structures which are found in these areas.  I strongly recommend seeking consultation with a highly experienced individual who understands both the aesthetics and the anatomic structures could potentially be put at risk with lower facial injections.  Best of luck.

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