What Should I Do? People Look at my Nose and Laugh? (photo)

Bef 11 months i had NJ.My nose is better than bef but stil its very ugly.The nostrils are too thick and 'meaty' and the nose still looks extremely big onme.Even thought he promised me he would make it small not only straight, after the syrgery told me that a small nose wont look good at me beacuse of my long face.None undertand i had a NJ.All the people told me,after i asked them, that they see no difference in my nose.(They didnt knew i had a nosejob).CAN/should i do a revision syr?I want it!

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Dissatisfaction after rhinoplasty

From the pictures you posted, I don't see anything that would make people laugh.  However, it's also difficult to assess your nose from the angles that you have decided to include.  If you're unhappy with your nose, first share your concerns with your surgeon.  If you are not satisfied with what he proposes, then get another opinion from a rhinoplasty specialist and go from there.    

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