TCA burn or redness? Do I need a special treatment or just to be patient? (Photos)

I completed a 20% tca peel one month ago (not a home-made one, done py a specialist). It left me with a burn around my lips. One of the mark seems to be scarring (red and raised mark). My doctor told me to be patient but I haven't seen any difference for three weeks... I'm not very confident. I don't have any treatment except strict avoidance from sun. Will it get better ? How long before having a good skin ? Do I need special cares ? (Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my mother tongue)

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Touch and feel after TCA Peel

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Hard to judge with photos - I have been in a similar situation whereby if the treating doctor has not seen you to touch, feel and see your skin, its hard to call. 

Looks like it will resolve with time. I personally would not do any laser treatment at this stage. Opinion may differ if I touch your skin and notice textural changes. 

All the best

Dr Davin Lim

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