Do I need a rhinoplasty or septoplasty or both? (Photo)

I have a clear asymmetry in my face, and i think it is clearly due to my crooked nose to the left side. I have a visible difference in my eyebrows as well (old sutured wound on my right eyebrow), how can it be repaired? an eyebrow transplant to make both similar is it a good idea? And about my nose, what kind of surgery do i need to correct the deviation a surgery of the cartilaginous or bony part or both? how much would it cost me? my nose tip droops when i smile, is it repairable? thank you.

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Rhinoplasty for both cosmetic and breathing issues.

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Rhinoplasty for both cosmetic and breathing issues  Your nose and septum are both corrected for a better looking and functioning nose. See a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon whose noses look natural. 

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Yes you would benefit from a septorhinoplasty. The Septoplasty will correct shape, deviation and breathing. But you need an experienced nose surgeon. This is complex. You can get cheap nose surgery from €1800 in Poland. In London the best plastic surgeons can charge €9000 depending on the type of surgery. Yes your smile droop can be corrected using a technique that I use. You should avoid a brow transplant 

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