How should a post surgery bra fit? (Photo)

Il 11 days our and tester day I sa my PS and we put off the compressor n'est.. But now I geek like my breast are flottons into the bra when I'm lay down or when I sit comfortably in my bed. Do I have to buy a smaller post surgery bra ? And I feel my breast heaven than the right one.. I don't understand why ? (I do not feel the right one lost of the time) Thanks you for your help and piece of advice

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Post Op Bra

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Thank you for your question. If it feels like your bra is too loose, you may need to contact your Plastic Surgeon and ask about better fitted options.
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Post operative bra

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Thank you for your question.  I believe you stated that you had surgery 11 days ago.  A post operative bra typically is soft and supportive.  I recommend to my patients that it should give you adequate support lifting up the implants while you are healing.  But it should not be too tight to wear you are uncomfortable or affecting the skin.  I also recommend no bras with an underwire for 6 weeks if using an incision beneath the breast.  As you recover, swelling will decrease and your breasts may appear smaller and you may need a smaller bra.  This is why I tell our patients to wait several months before shopping for new bras that will be worn long term.  Hope this helps.

Breast Enhancement

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Thank you for the inquiry and pictures! The bra that you choose to wear after your surgery must provide compression on the breast in order for optimal results. I suggest sports bras with no push up, padded, or underwire added in order for the breast to have the most natural healing process. If you are unsure about which bra to purchase, you should contact your board certified plastic surgeon for advice on which types ensure the best results! Best of luck

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