How can I fix my philtrum which is too long and my upper lip which has a strange shape? (Photo)

Do you think a lip lift or a jaw surgery can solve this problem ?

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Improving a Prominent Philtrum

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The shape of your philtrum and upper lip are strongly influenced by the prominence and size of your nose. Either your nose is a little large or your upper jaw is a little small from front to back.  Either issue changes the angle between the columella (the ridge of skin in the middle of your nostrils)and the upper lip. The bottom of the columella is supported by a projection of bone above the upper front teeth. In your case this projection creates an obtuse angle, rather than an acute angle, between the columella and the upper lip.

Men should have an angle of about 85 to 95 degrees between the columella and the lip. In woman this angle is about 95 to 110. Your angle is about 105 + degrees so it looks a little more feminine. A rhinoplasty is about the only procedure that will improve that problem..

Dallas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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