I had a Fraxel restore treatment in January 2015. Since June 2015, I started to have rosacea and pigmentation on my cheeks.

Hello, I have had a fraxel restore treatment in January 2015 in Paris (7month ago). I did not have any problem post treatment, but suddenly since last month I start to have a rosacea and pigmentation on my cheeks and I see some fat loss under my eyes ... I don t understand why I have all this things only after 7 months... I would like to know if this situation is common... ? I am afraid that I will have this skin forever...

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V Beam after Fraxel

Sometimes it is co-incidental, sometime Fraxel or Co2 can worsen rosacea. Regardless, this is a straightforward fix with anti inflammatory antibiotics and a laser such as V Beam to target the redness. Your specialist who performed the Fraxel ReStore will know how to subside your rosacea. 

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