Need a very good advice on how to make my eyes (lids) even again. (photos)

Two years after an upper and lower eyelid surgery, where so much has gone wrong. I have spend a substancial amount of money to correct. Fat transfer 3 times under my eyes and above right eyebrow on the utter side. Left eyebrow lift to even eyebrow and eyelid. My eyes are still uneven. My left eyebrow and eyelids still dropping down. I tape my left eyebrow up everyday to even my eyes and that is really very annoying. Your advise would be so much appreciated. Kindly regards.

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Aesthetic improvement possible

thanks for your question! After studying your eye area certain things that I would do to give your eyes a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing look are as follows 

1. There's lot of distance between two brows . Your brow should begin at inner canthus, I would recommend either brow shaping by micro blading or hair transplant.

2. Instead of that tape I would do a direct cutaneous lift on the left brow, seems that your forehead has received a heavy dose of Botox leading to fall of medial brow, need to wait for next Botox shot and make sure it's injected higher up and not lower down as your brows will have further drooping 

4.there still skin laxity around the eyes, would like to do 35% TCA peel which will tighten up your skin 

5. I see excess of skin at lateral canthus, would like to take that off too

6. Finally a lash serum like M2 lash to thicken and lengthen your lashes for that open lookHope it was befeneficial

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