Is my hoodectomy correctly done? Normal to have scars on both side of the clit & normal to have these scars?

Hi I posted a few questions on this topic: I would like more answers: 1.Is my hoodectomy correctly done? Is it normal to have scars on both side of the clit and normal to have these scars? Is it a surgical mistake ? 2.I asked the doctor to remove a tiny scar I had on a labia. In reponse of that, he amputated the bottom of my labia.Is it an error? 3.Does testosteron applied to my amputated labia could make it grow? Thank you.

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Grooved appearance when too-large, too-tight, too-long acting sutures are used

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Your surgeon used too-large caliber sutures & got them too tight. Your hood should not have that "grooved" appearance. You has a lot of labia removed. This is not wrong, if you told your surgeon you wanted most of your labia removed. See my previous answer to your first post.


Michael PO Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Your clitoral hood was correctly performed, but not at an expert level.

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You will heal and your scars will be lumpy. An expert would have sutured differently, but a similar amount of tissue might have been removed. Labial amputation is not an error if that is what you requested. Nothing will make your labia grow back.

Is my hoodie to my correctly done?

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Thank you for sharing your question.  Reviewing your full profile and previously posted photograph, it does appear that your hoodectomy was done correctly with scars on both sides of the hood during the reduction.  As far as your results it is difficult to know what was discussed at your initial consultation but much of your labia tissue was removed which is not routine.  Hope this helps..

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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