Blurred and foggy vision after Laser surgery. Any suggestions?

I had Laser surgery 6 days ago to correct farsightedness. Since the surgery my distant vision (which before the surgery was perfect) is blurred and foggy so much so I can't drive and feel nauseous from it. I'm extremely concerned and upset, it's effecting me in a big way.... Is this a permanent thing?. My Dr says I have to be patient and that everything will be ok.... PLEASE HELP i need reassurance this is normal and my long distant vision will come back.

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Recovery time

It may take anywhere from three to six months for your eyes to fully heal.  Farsighted corrections are much slower to heal than with nearsighted corrections.  Since it has only been six days, it is still very early on in the healing process to be able to tell what your final vision will be.  I recommend that you be patient and continue scheduled exams with your eye doctor so that your vision can be monitored. 

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