10 months post op Tummy Tuck & muscle repair, skin is loose when bent or sitting. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am now ten months post op, full tt and mr and lipo to love handles. I have gained a little weight since my surgery 14lbs. My stomach is very loose, when I bend over my stomach hangs, it is just like before my op but much smaller, when I sit I have a roll, surely this can't be just from gaining 14lbs. I feel that my ps should have offered me a fdl or perhaps taken more skin off?

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Weightgain after TT

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Thank you for posting.

Every surgeon pulls as hard as they can at the primary operation for a TT, some patients have very inelastic skin and will present with a secondary overhang some time later, but a weight gain doesn't help!
and yes a weight gain of 14 lbs can produce the overhang you have.

If you can try and lose the weight , I am sure it'll help, but see your plastic surgeon in the meantime and see what he/she suggests.

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