How Do the Fragile Aligners Work?

How do they shape your teeth? I went in and had an appointment but for some reason I don't think the aligners would be strong enough to move my teeth. Can you tell me how it shifts your teeth into place?

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How Do Invisalign Aligners Work?

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First of all - it takes extremely light force on a tooth to move it orthodontically.  And the trays are way more durable than they look.  You change the trays every 2 weeks and each tray is shaped a little bit different (a little more aligned) until the last tray is shaped like the end result you want.

Aligners really do work

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They aren't as fragile as you assume, they work very well.  The don't shapy your teeth, they just create enough pressure to get the teeth to move.  A series of aligners are made, each moving the teeth just a little bit each time, changing every 2 weeks to another set.

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