Fractured Nose After Roller Blading Accident

I was roller skating with my son, and had a severe collision with him. X-rays done and given pain medicine and antibiotics. Doctor at the hospital told me that, indeed had fractured my nose, need to see a ENT. I had Rhinoplasty 20yrs ago, now 40yrs old. Could I just leave it as is, without seeing a ENT? I dont want to see a specialist, just in case I have to have surgery again? Will it cause serious issue, with breathing or anything else? Could It ruin the job that was done prior?

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Nose injury after rhinoplasty

Your nose does not have to be reset unless you want to have it reset and straighten. If it is crooked after the injury, it will stay crooked unless repaired through an open reduction of the nasal fracture or a rhinoplasty. It is best to see an ENT facial plastic surgery specialist to rule out a septal hematoma. Previous rhinoplasty will make the surgery slightly difficult, but in experienced hands it should be no problem whatsoever. Straightening the outside portion of the nose will also address any internal breathing issues and should not cause any breathing issues. Resetting the nasal bone fracture will not ruin the prior nose surgery.

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Treating a nasal fracture years after a rhinoplasty

I can't see why you are unwilling to see the specialist. If you do not have an issue with breathing after the fracture swelling subsides it is unlikely you will later on. If you have an injury it is best to have it assessed earlier rather than later because some injuries are much easier to correct if treated earlier. Others may not be correctable if you wait too long to be seen. No one can force you to have elective surgery if you do not want it. You need to voice your concern about additional surgery ruining the previous rhinoplasty with whatever specialist you see. If those concerns are not cleared you can always see another doctor and/or decide against having additional surgery.

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