I fractured my nose. Is it necessary to have plastic surgery, or could it heal with minor abnormalities? (Photo)

I am an American citizen currently living in South Korea. My Korean doctor wants me to have plastic surgery. He says that when the swelling goes down the left side of my nose may deviate causing my nose to look slightly crooked. As of now I have no trouble breathing and my nose looks pretty straight. Without insurance this is a pricey procedure. Is it necessary to have surgery?

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Nasal fracture and reduction

If the nose looks straight to you and you do not have airway obstruction it is up to you if you want to allow it to heal on its own.  You would have to then wait 6 months before considering a revision.  That is how I usually handle it.  If there is significant deviation at the onset, then I like to reduce it as best as possible to minimize the potential surgery that could be required later on.  Good luck.

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Is plastic surgery needed for fractured nose?

It would be helpful to examine you to give you the best advice, but there is one option you could try.  You could allow your nose to heal from the initial trauma and just see how it looks after the swelling has gone down and the skin has healed.  If you're happy with how it looks at that point, you could avoid the surgery.  If you feel the nose has some deformity at that point, you could then proceed with surgery to correct it.  

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I fractured my nose. Is it necessary to have plastic surgery, or could it heal with minor abnormalities?

Without an exam, online consultants cannot recommend treatment or surgery. If you have doubts regarding your treatment, seek a second opinion in South Korea.  It is best to be safe, than sorry.  Best of luck with this.

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