Fractured my Nose a Very Long Time Ago when I Was Around 8 Years Old and Now my Nose is Crooked? (photo)

I was new to the country and my parents didn't have insurance for me, and now I still have no insurance and i know the cost of surgery is around $5000, Is there any way i could re-break it at home and possibly straighten it out like that or what should i do? I am very self-concious about my nose and it has become more noticeable every year! I have pretty bad breathing problems where i can hardly breathe without having my mouth open I also have a pretty small bump, My parents don't have insurance for me, and they didn't have insurance when this happened when I was around 8-10 years old. could I possibly go to a free-clinic that would do surgery for a lower price because I know this costs thousands of dollars that neither I or my parents have.

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Crooked nose

You have a reverse C shaped deformity of you nose. The hardest thing to do in rhinoplasty is to get your nose dead perfectly straight!

Do you have breathing problems? I must presume you have a crooked septum as well. Do you have a bump on you nose?

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Fractured my Nose a Very Long Time Ago when I Was Around 8 Years Old and Now my Nose is Crooked?

See if the local medical school has a division of ENT or Plastic surgery. If you can find one than the residents in training can offer reduced fee surgery to you. Good luck. BTW sometimes PSs offer a very discounted fee to under privileged patients. I know each month I offer 1 cosmetic operation at facility costs only. In a septa rhinoplasty my facility costs are $3,000.

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Crooked nose

Don't try to break it yourself, you will only cause yourself harm and make it worse. I am not aware of any "free clinics" that would offer this service but you could always check with a residency teaching hospital clinic and see what they could offer you. Otherwise just like other things you will someday need and have to plan for (school, car, housing), you need to start saving over time whatever you can towards this.

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Septorhinoplasty for broken nose and breathing problems

  A. septoplasty and a rhinoplasty are two completely different operations. A septoplasty  is performed to improve  the airflow dynamics of the nose and submitted to insurance for medical necessity. A rhinoplasty to change the shape of the nose is considered cosmetic, and must be paid for by the patient. Please see the link  below to our rhinoplasty photo  gallery, and our price list.

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C shaped nasal deformity

There is no question that you have a C shaped deformity caused by a septal deviation as well as an old fracture to the nasal bones.  You may have to wait until a time where you have insurance coverage before the procedure can be performed.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Old nasal fracture

You need internal and external nasal surgery.  Insurance will generally cover internal surgery to aid breathing but generally will not cover external surgery to correct the appearance of the nose.   There may be services in your area for people without insurance but I doubt the possibility of free cosmetic surgery.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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