I Fractured my Nose Last Week and Its Becoming Crooked. What Should I Do?

I Fractured my Nose Last Week and As Its Healing Its Becoming Crooked. What Should I Do?

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Broken Nose

I recommend that you visit an experienced facial plastic surgeon soon to see if the nose can be set. It is best to seek treatment for a fractured nose as soon as possible. If you don't address it now, you will need to wait about 3 months and have a formal rhinoplasty.

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Broken nose

Dear BCV1222,

  • I agree with the other doctors, and you should be seen ASAP
  • If you wait too long, then a more involved surgery will need to take place to fix the issue

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Nima Shemirani

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Fractured nose

Sorry to hear about your accident. I would recommend you see a qualified Dr right away. If you are in Los Angeles please contact my team so that we can see you. Good luck

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I Fractured my Nose Last Week and Its Becoming Crooked. What Should I Do?

You should see a plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon in the next few days. After 2 weeks, it is harder to reset the bones. 

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You have up to 2 weeks to treat a nasal fractir

Unless you are seen right away, nasal swelling may hide a new deformity. After a few days, the nose will appear more crooked as the swelling goes down. The bones will start to set by 2 weeks though. If is more than 2 weeks then we let it heal and re-break it in about 2 months. 

Often the septum becomes crooked as well. That needs to heal for 2 months before straightening a newly deviated septum. 

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Nasal fracture last week

 It's important to be examined  by ENT or facial plastic surgeon to determine the extent of the injury to the outside and the inside portion of the nose. Also important to make sure there no septal hematoma. Best to get x-rays for medical documentation of the fracture. Surgery to reset the nasal fracture if the nose is continued to be  crooked, will need to be considered. Please see the  link below for crooked noses we have reset our  rhinoplasty practice

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Nasal Fracture

If you notice a deviation of you nose that was not present before the accident, there is a good chance that it was fractured.  Now that the swelling has reduced, you are more likely to notice any external changes.  My advice is to seek an evaluation with plastic surgeon who treats nasal fractures.  Any intervention to set the fracture has to be done within two weeks of the injury or the bones will already begin to heal.  Hope this helps!

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