Fractured Eye Socket?

About 12 days ago i was running and i tripped over a retaining wall and landed mostly on my eye/forehead i was not knocked out but was numb to the pain. I went back to the apartment and my eye immediately swelled closed. My eye was swollen shut for about three days. I had blurry and doubled vision out of the hurt eye. following the swelling i had a black eye. now my eyebrow and under is still slightly swollen and hurts to the touch. should I be worried I have a fractured eye socket?

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Eye issue

It is always best to get a proper evaluation of your eye to make sure there is not a fracture.  Good luck.

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Eye injury and fracture

Certainly there is a possibility of a fracture. The double vision is a serious sign and could indicate entrapment of your muscles that move your eye. You need to see a plastic surgeon that is familiar with orbital fractures. Delaying treatment can have serious future ramifications.

Robin T.W.Yuan,M.D.

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Fractured Eye Socket?

It is impossible to know without examining you. It does sound like you had a severe injury. You should be evaluated by a Facial Plastic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon. An examination will provide most, if not all, of the information needed. If you do appear to have a fracture you will likely require a CT scan to determine if surgery is necessary and to plan that procedure. I hope this information is helpful.

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