Palomar 1540 Fractionated Laser for Breast Reduction Scar?

Is the Palomar 1540 fractionated laser wise to use to remove scarring from a breast reduction I had 5 years ago?

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Palomar 1540 Fractional Laser for Breast Reduction scar

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Fractional lasers treat hypertrophic scars with a great degree of success.  Palomar Fractional 1540 Laser can be used for used for scars for breast reduction with very minimal discomfort and side effects. Usually 3-6 treatments are required with 6 week intervals.  You may choose to use silicone scar patches or Scarguard between treatments, depending on your tolerance. 

Morristown Plastic Surgeon

Fractional Laser Treatments are a good choice for scar reduction

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In my practice we have had great success treating postoperative breast reduction scars with the Palomar 1540.  In general a series of 3 to 6 treatments are required.

David V. Martini, MD
Elkton Facial Plastic Surgeon

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