I am experiencing acne breakouts after fractional resurfacing for treatment of acne scars. What should I do?

zits on top of zits 19 days later.  Irony is that I sought this procedure for acne scars.  What more? more fractional to erase the new acne scars?

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Follow up with your dermatologist for acne care.

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isn’t necessarily a guarantee for scarring, but I do understand your
frustration. My first suggestion is to go back to your laser technician
(hopefully a board certified dermatologist) so he or she can recommend prompt,
effective treatment for your blemishes that’s not too strong for your recently
treated skin. With the right approach, acne can be cleared up relatively quickly,
minimizing the chance of future scarring. I’ve seen great results on acne scars
with multiple laser treatments, so a second session may not necessarily be a
bad thing.

Acne breakouts post fractional resurfacing

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When patients have breakouts after fractional resurfacing I find 99% of the time it has to do with the products they are using post-care. If you are using Aquaphor, stop. If you are using something aggressive on your skin, stop. Post fractional laser you need to be gentle and kind to your skin. Stick with Dove soap, light moisturizers, and sunscreen. And that's about all you need.

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