Fractional Laser Scar Treatments on Children

have fractional lasers ever been used successfully to treat trauma or surgery scars on infants or young children? If so which fractional lasers were used and what are the potential risks? Thanks

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Scar Treatment in young adults

Well, I just stumbled upon this 8 month old question that no one has chosen to answer so I will give it a shot. First off lets state that ProFractional therapy is an acceptable treatment for scarring. Now lets toss in the variables. Depth of treatment is the concern. Most pattern generators today allow the physician to determine the depth of the pattern. Certainly when we treat deep acne scars in teenagers we are being fairly aggressive(150 to 500 microns) I don't think we would treat infants.  We also must be aware of the various skin types and of course post treatment management will need to be cognizant of potential for Hyperpigmentation.

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