Fractional Laser for Tattoo Removal?

When doctors recommend Fraxel Laser for tattoo removal, are they referring to the Fractional type lasers that send tiny columns deep into the dermis? Would these work on permanent makeup, seeing as the other lasers turn the white oxide pigments blue/black?

I have read some articles on this method of tattoo removal, and I'm curious to know of anyone that is treating resistant tattoos/permanent makeup with Fractional method. Thank you!

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Doubt that this will work

I am very skeptical that you will achieve much benefit from a fractional CO2 for the removal of permanent make-up or any other type of tatoo. Most of the time the pigment from the tatoo is imbedded in the reticular dermis(deeper layer of skin) and these laser procedures really should never penetrate to that level.

Instead there are specific laser energies that are designed to break up pigment in these deeper layers but multiple treatments are always needed.

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