Why has fractional laser ruined my under eye skin? (photo)

I had endymed fsr treatment to improve a minor burn scar, and it has destroyed my skin, I have lost tightness around the eyes and gained so many more wrinkles since my treatment 7mths ago! I thought these treatments are meant to improve skin not destroy it? What can I do to improve this? I am not going down the laser route again!please help as this has ruined my confidence! Im a 31yr old male. Ive asked this question before with no response so im assuming when things go wrong people dont answer?

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Under eye laser

Lasers around the eyes are generally designed to either tighten the skin or remove discoloration or vessels. In general lasers should tighten the skin not loosen it. Without knowing exact settings on your laser treatment you will find that doctors cannot evaluate the exact cause of the complications (wrong laser / wrong setting, etc). I always suggest that you seek the care of a board certified dermatologist to start to look at ways to address any concerns.

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