Are These Fractional CO2 Results Realistic? (photo)

I was quite surprised by the improvement degree of the patient of the attached photo, from I'm wondering if it is really possible to achive that degree of improvement with fractional CO2 laser treatment .If it is, how many treatments should I do to achieve that level of improvement? (Considering similar scarring) What laser type of?

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Acne scar improvement with fractional CO2

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I cannot attest to the authenticity of the photos that you have provided, simply because they are not mind.  What I can tell you is that we do see very significant improvement in acne scarring after treating with fractional CO2.  In general, you have to undergo 3-5 treatments to achieve results similar to those seen in your photos.  It is my personal opinion that fractional CO2 is currently our best tool to treat acne scarring.

Davie Dermatologic Surgeon

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