Fractional Co2 Laser Resurfacing in New York City for African American Skin?

looking for a Dermatoligist laser Resurfacing in NYC who have work with african American skin? I also need qoutes on prices. Ive heard that laser Resurfacing is around $2k but varies by doctor. I understand the risk but the such as :ypopigmentation and hypopigmentation but it doesn't concern me as the benifits outway the risk. Looking to get this done as soon as possible.

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Laser resurfacing for skin of color

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please don't shop for price. Shop for experience, results, and communications skills. Facial resurfacing can be much more costly than $2,000 depending on what condition is being treated and what type of laser is being used, and the type of wound created. Some types of laser resurfacing do not require much post operative attention whereas others are equivalent to a second degree burn and need diligent wound care and follow up with your doctor. Scarring, lighter and darker skin pigmentation post laser, are only some of the risks inherent in these procedures so please discuss this extensively with the doctors you consult.

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