ı Had Fractional Co2 Laser Done 2 Months Ago.it Healed Without Crustıng Peelıng or Wound but Now ı See Some Scratch Marks??

my face became quıte red lıke measles (red dots) after co2 fractional laser ,after two months now ı have dıscoloratıon on my face and ı see some scratches (naıl marks)on my face ı cant remember ıf they were there before ıs ıt possıble to have them after co2 fractıonal laser?? (by the way my face healed without crustıng peelıng or any wound)are scratches normal??

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Discolorations and scratch marks after Fractional CO2

It's possible that you may have scratched yourself (even unknowingly during your sleep) after the fractional CO2 procedure.  It's common for the face to itch while healing and some patients accidentally scratch their face.  Also, any kind of resurfacing procedure may leave behind red discolorations or streaks or marks which may or may not go away on their own. This can be addressed with noninvasive lasers (such as KTP, Nd:YAG, pulsed dye, IPL). You should see the physician who performed the treatment and see if they can help you with this. If they can't and the scratch marks don't go away after 6 months or so, you should see another laser specialist who can help you with that.

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