Fractional Co2 Laser or Fraxel Restore.

So i had fractional co2 laser last monday and its my 2th day today. the redness has now diminished but the scars are still there. i dont see any improvement at all, and, it has a lot of tiny pinpoint blood and when it comes off, it leaves dark spots. my face is slightly peeling right now but seriously, i dont see any improvement. i am considering having a fraxel restore after i full recover from this downtime. i dont have severe acne scars by the way. very mild only.

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CO2 laser and Fraxel Restore can both benefit scars.

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I like the CO2 laser for scars because I can treat very aggressively one time for some significant improvement.  The degree of "aggressiveness" means the energy level used for the treatment. One can use a CO2 laser very lightly (low energy, low density) and have little change in scars so the actual details of the treatment would be needed to say if the the treatment was really optimized. Of course Fraxel Restore is also great for scars, it is just that several treatments may be needed.  Mild scars should be able to be addressed with either.

Also it may be noted that improvement may take several weeks or months after your laser because new collagen must be produced to smooth the skin and that takes a while.


Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon
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In my hands subcision plus aggressive Fraxel Repair helps acne scars the best.

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Most acne scars have a teathered scar band that causes a dimpling of the skin.  Combining extensive subcision with Fraxel Repair Laser give much better results than Fraxel Repair laser alone.   Fraxel Restore alone will give some improvement with multiple treatments but not as much improvement as combining subcision and Fraxel Repair together on the same day.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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